NeuroImaging Labor at Campus of University of Munich (NICUM)

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Application for measurement time at NICUM

  1. When you apply for MRI measurement time, you must read the NICUM user regulations and complete the application form.
  2. Please submit your measurement application form to the secretary's office by email
  3. The secretary forwards the application with a request for an assessment to an expert medical or psychological reviewer (from the NICM user council).
  4. Your projects should preferably be presented to the NICUM before or at the time of submission of the application. 
  5. Once the application receives a positive evaluation, the executive board allocates measurement time and informs NICUM key users, trained users, and principal investigators about the start of the project. 
  6. Only key users or trained users are allowed to operate with the MRI scanner and the associated (EEG, TMS, Eyetracking) hardware and software environment. 
  7. Project extensions must be requested at the secretary's office at least four weeks before the end of the project (based on the date of the original measurement time approval).
For more information, please contact Ms. Irmgard Hantschk